Don’t just take my word for it

I get a lot of positive feedback. It is so lovely to hear from people who’ve had a transformative experience. Here is what some of my clients have to say about how my treatments have helped them achieve wellbeing:

‘The concept of hands that heal is not new, but to actually experience the powerful healing with the gentlest of touch is very profound. In the midst of great stress and affected by night anxiety I came to Miki after the highest praise from my massage therapist. After just one treatment I felt centered, calmer and my balance returning. My husband, a U.S. Army Ranger, thought to appease me with one visit to Miki, but upon returning he could not stop talking about how amazed he was about his treatment. Suffering from a type of arthritis which limits his breathing capacity, he was shocked that Miki diagnosed it and improved it. Treatments not only found him breathing better, but helped to release years of injury from his military service held in his body. We all carry such injury and Miki’s gentle touch helps to unlock the doors holding it within us. Much like being let out of a crowded room, we felt lighter, clearer and could move more freely. Just to be around Miki’s bright and happy disposition is a blessing. Both my husband and I recommend her and cannot stop singing her praises.”

Carlsile, Pennsylvania, U.S.A


“I went for a reiki session today with Miki Ettore in Moorgate London. I can honestly say I came out feeling a different person. It was my first time ever having reiki and it was so powerful I was quite overwhelmed. Miki was amazing and her insight of having a gorgeous little boy on the spectrum too was very special. If you are in London or the surrounding area I really recommend a trip to see her. This morning I was feeling really stressed out with work and a rubbish weekend with autism. I came out feeling serene and full of positive energy. Thanks so much Miki I really look forward to you helping our family.”

– Annabelle Smith – Watford 


“Miki is a very talented health practitioner. She has worked with all our family and made a difference to each one of us. If you haven’t tried Craniosacral therapy for your health issues, then it is worth a try. Miki made such a difference to a longstanding back injury for me. She is also helping my son’s return to health following a vaccine injury and helping to produce gains in speech, focus and attention span as well as self-condidence which is just lovely to see.”

– Lorraine Jenkins – Sunbury-on-Thames


“I have been seeing Miki now for 4 months and can’t tell you how much she has helped me. I contacted her because I was suffering from anxiety and could not sleep at all due to this…Even after my first session I felt more relaxed and managed to get some sleep that night. When I read about Craniosacral therapy I wasn’t convinced but after the experienceI had I would highly recommend it! She is amazing with magic hands! (Only way I can describe her) She doesn’t push the therapy on you which is great, instead she lets you have a session then see how you feel and leaves it up to you. Highly recommend her if you are considering Craniosacral therapy. “

– Piara Ali – Chesham


“Thank you Miki I always feel so energised and positive after our sessions! I can’t wait for the next one.”

– Catherine Charles – London


“Thank you so much my little man is finally sleeping through the night and is so much happier and even saying a few words. I can’t thank you enough.”

– Erika Hall – London


“After our 3rd session I feel such a strong connection with Cameron, I can really feel him coming back to me, the cuddles and kisses he has been giving me since we started have been amazing. Today I feel I really will get my boy back one day. Thanks so much Miki.”

– Frankie Dervish – Orpington


“Miki. Not sure what you have done to my daughter but after acting uncharacteristically like the energiser bunny when you were here, she’s currently sat reading and doing the puzzles in a book (unheard of) and actually colouring in the pictures (well trying) inside the lines. Shocked and impressed.”

– Victoria Vickers – Sandbach


“Dillon had his first Craniosacral therapy session with Miki tonight (well we all did, Dannie thoroughly enjoyed it) very impressed.”

– Nikki Ross – Chingford


“Miki Ettore is working wonders with myself and my little boy. Highly recommend!”
– Natasha Mitchell – Margate


“We have had an amazing couple of weeks with Joshua. The main difference being your session! He seems so much calmer and it’s lovely to see. As you know hyperactivity was a big issue for him. Also his speech has come on loads and his tutors have been wowed! Can’t wait for your next session. Big hugs”

– Siobhan Hamilton – Lancashire


“We had a crazy day with Habib – all day meltdowns and tantrums. Then came the magic fairy Miki Ettore and he was happy again!”

– Ann Smith – London


“Miki treated my twin boys and since we have been seeing her they have experienced an increase in speech, better attention and generally much happier! Thank you Miki for making life with the twins that little bit easier!”

See their inspiring and emotional story on youtube

– Sophie Fox – London


“Miki has been simply amazing for my autistic son.
Her cranio work is wonderful and she has a unique ability to connect with someone on a deep and intuitive level. We have seen my son feel relaxed and happy after Miki’s treatments which has a positive knock on effect on the rest of the family.
Miki is so passionate about her work , she is so inspiring and giving and I am so grateful she is in our lives!”

– Charnjit Badan – Hertforshire


“When I called Miki I was in constant pain with tingling in my arms and numbness in my fingers due to a trapped nerve in my shoulder. I was on several pain killer and hardly sleeping. After only 2 sessions the pain was completely gone which I found shocking as the chiropractor and physiotherapist were unable to help me. Thank you so much!”

– Jenny More – Watford


“Well at half nine last night I was cleaning my bathroom because I was wide awake and showing no signs of wanting to go to bed which I found unusual because I was fully expecting to be feeling sleepy after my Reiki massage. I got into bed at half ten still not ready for bed but I did go to sleep and OH MY GOD……….. I had the best nights sleep I’ve had in about TEN YEARS. Miki you have healing hands and I cannot believe what you achieved. I had such a deep sleep I feel like I was in a coma. Thank you sooooooo much!!!!!!”

Vicki Todd – London



“My 14 year old daughter has been suffering with quite bad anxiety lately. I took her to see Miki who worked her magic on my daughter, after one session she noticed a great improvement….more relaxed, said she could breath better as she was less tense and she went straight to bed and to sleep without being the typical teenager and going on her phone before closing her eyes, she had a fantastic nights sleep too. Miki also gave my daughter some self help advice which I know will come in very useful too. Thank you Miki! Xx”

Kirsty Wynne – London


“We started craniosacral therapy with Miki Ettore in autumn 2018 and she has already made a big difference to me and to my daughter, who has autism and various health problems. I have suffered with back and neck problems for many years but since starting my sessions with Miki, my posture and core strength have improved greatly, which has made a real difference to my pain levels. My daughter loves her relaxing sessions with “Dr” Miki – it’s a very gentle, non-invasive treatment so it’s ideal for her and has helped her body to detox, amongst other things. I would definitely recommend craniosacral therapy and you couldn’t find a kinder, more dedicated therapist than Miki”

Jenny Lang – London


“Miki is a talented lady with magic hands and beautiful aura.
I have booked craniosacral therapy with her as I was suffering from anxiety and depression, which was affecting my every day life. I have seen big difference in myself after first session, and after second I could smile again. The craniosacral therapy was introduced to me by my best friend and I am so happy I found Miki’s practice. She helped me a lot and she still will do.
I can truly recommend Miki and craniosacral therapy to everyone who need it “

Maria Ambroziak – London

“Miki thank you for your magical hands and therapy. My son sat for one hour speech session today at school and at home. The therapist said his concentration is improving now and he has the ability to sit still for a while now. This was not even possible a few weeks back before your therapy. I was clueless before meeting you…”

Lavanya Nagraj – London