Why I became a therapist


I discovered Reiki and Craniosacral therapy when both my children became chronically ill. My daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer (neuroblastoma) when she was only 18 months and was given 20 percent chance of survival. Conventional medical treatment at the Royal Marsden hospital was complemented with good Nutrition, Homeopathy, Reiki and Craniosacral therapy and she is now a very healthy and happy 18 year old girl who is cancer free and enjoys life to the full.


My son was diagnosed with autism at 18 months and had chronic gut dysfunction, seizures and severe allergic reactions to most foods following his routine vaccinations. His immune system and ability to eliminate toxins were severely compromised. His sleep pattern was erratic, often only sleeping 5 hours a night and waking up screaming in pain. He would spin in circles and flapped for hours and developed OCD, ODD and PANDAS. He lost all interest in social interaction would sit on his own lining up toys for hours.

Thanks mainly to Homeopathy, Reiki, Craniosacral therapy and Son Rise he is now a very loving, happy and sociable boy who is still cognitively and verbally delayed but making steady progress at school. He can eat all foods, is allergy free and on the path to recovery. His gut is healing and he sleeps 10-12 hours a night. During these challenging years I suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks so I turned to the same therapies that helped my children recover from their chronic health. As a result I am a more grounded, calmer and happier person and I have not had anxiety or panic attacks in years. I sleep better and feel confident to tackle whatever life throws at me. I believe that when we heal ourselves we heal our children. We are all connected by an energetic bond, and as I work on my own healing the mental and physical health of my children improves.

My children’s health problems are the reason why I studied to become a Reiki Master and Craniosacral therapist. Both have improved their lives and mine in ways I could never have imagined possible. I am very passionate about health and want to help adults and children with chronic or acute ailments to become as balanced and stress free as possible. Nothing is more rewarding to me than helping them to achieve their full potential and supporting them on their journey back to health and happiness.

I began my Reiki journey in 2009 and became a Reiki Master in 2012 practicing Usui Shiki Ryoho. I graduated from the College of Craniosacral Therapy in London in 2013. I am member of the Craniosacral Therapy Association and subject to strict codes of conduct, standards and continuing professional development.